About us

The project to create a website connecting people working in the field of inclusive dance is one of the specific needs that emerged during the Festival Oriente Occidente in September 2016, in the framework of the project Moving Beyond Inclusion financed by the EU, and included in La Carta di Rovereto.


Oltre la disabilità

The focus moves from the disability to the ability to create a cultural project with different bodies. Dance helps to overcome problems and difficulties of a body labelled as disable, when on the stage; disabled people free themselves from the simplification of the label “disabled body”. These are the aims of inclusive dance.

The current situation of inclusive dance needs the institution of a portal to compare different artistic practices, accessibility to training and the promotion of activities for both the artists and the public. A network connecting those working in the field, to promote exchange, contact and the growth of the whole sector. This network is aimed to become the reference point for the development of inclusive dance in other areas, with the ambition to plan events and activities at the local level, and be a direct interlocutor with public institutions.


The proposal presented by Incontri Internazionali has been approved by the Department of Social Policies - Health Department and social solidarity, in collaboration with the Unit of strategic mission for transparency and participation, Informatica Trentina, with the support of the Department of Culture. Indeed, the process is included in the Plan for the health of Trentino.


The project

The project offers innovative paths and means, strengthening the participation of citizens in the process of decision – making, considering different aspects as vocational training, the creation of new performances, and granting that this change will not remain a single case.

danzabile.provincia.tn.it is the very first online portal connecting different Italian realities, and it is open to artists, teachers, companies and schools working in the field of inclusive dance.

With danzabile.provincia.tn.it it is possible to create a network and share useful information, show the characteristics of dancers, and spread the culture of inclusive dance.

Moreover, the section IoRacconto opens discussions on the specific topic of diversity and inclusion, creating opportunities for citizens to participate directly; users can choose which information they are interested in, while promoting theirs.